Continue Delivery Validate (Barcode Scan)

Validate and move to next delivery (Barcode Scan)

This module automatically move to next delivery order after validating one. Auto validate fully ready transfer based on configuration.


Validate and Next Delivery

  • When user validate one transfer from barcode app once, then it will directly move to next transfer automatically.
  • Auto Validate Configuration

  • This below configuration need to done on the picking type if you want to validate transfer automatically when it scanned fully.
  • Auto Validate Transfer

  • Based on configuration on picking type if validate button get green means whole transfer get scanned, it get automatically trigger validate button and it get transfered and move to next transfer.
  • Complimentary Support

    You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

    Help & Support

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    2 August, 2020
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